The Spring Show Season of 2016 is upon us, and I’m trying to come up with a powerful Artist Statement about the Spring Collection from Drank the Paint, and the truth is for this collection, I just had FUN, I found my joy in creating again, and found the voice I had been missing- my own. So here it is, the anti-statement statement of Spring:

 The wild hair and glitter lined eyes of 90’s youth nostalgia was my sparkly début to the world of creation. I found myself in creating Western scenes and listening to Garth Brooks one week, and trying on Warholesque Pop Art while belting out Spice Girls the next. For years I painted murals, illustrated children’s books, and wrote some pretty sad poetry. It was vein, compulsory, anti-establishment and totally ridiculous. Art in the beginning stages is almost always a mask, something to hide behind, a safe way to stand out. I wore costumes and created characters, almost like the dress up play of a small child, rooted in the fantasy that if I could just figure out myself, my art would change the World. Art in the beginning was what I did for other people, trying to figure out what they would like, and were I would fit in, and the truth is, I don’t.
Somewhere after art school, and in the midst of Motherhood I realized that my Art is not about me, rather, A mixture of the reflection in the way I see the World and how I would like the World to be.   In my work I try to capture the goodness of others, the things I cherish and adore in the marvellous humans around me, and reflect all of those magical qualities back in an attempt to spread joy. My art has become a way for me to share happiness, to laugh, cry, heal, and live in the wonder of the World that connects us all. There are no hidden meanings, no super deep undertones, no political agenda-just a great mix of feel good color, positive themes, and spring florals.
I now create art as a reflection of what I choose to see, and I work to see positivity, love, and whimsy. We are all a reflection of the things we have seen and experienced, and I hope that by sharing this light, fun, and whimsical collection it will, bring a smile to someone face and leave a little glitter in their soul.
May we all find our inner Spice Girl this Spring, and leave a little Sunshine wherever we go!



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Author: Beth Speer

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