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I’m so glad you are here, and it’s about time we get to know each other. First of all, let me tell you what I (Beth Speer) can do for YOU! I can help you live a more fun, creative, and exciting life through the power of creativity. I know, that is a BIG promise, so we will start small, by adding whimsy, fun, and imagination to your life a little each week. So, be sure to subscribe for creative tips, DIY tutorials, and FREE downloads! In the meantime, be sure to explore all Drank the Paint has to offer including

-Paint Parties for Kids and Adults (Northern IL, and Southern WI)


-Tips and Tricks

-Shopping (for fun whimsical art for your home, office, or gifting)

-Custom Art for Weddings, Showers, and Special Occasions


-Tattoo Design/Tattooing



If you haven’t met me, I’m so glad you stopped by! I am Beth, a mixed media artist that specializes in Creative living and applied whimsy. I have a crazy fun background in just about every field of work that has led me down a path to help others live live creatively. The only constant in my life has been the ability to use creative problem solving to excel and achieve. After 7 years in the public school stystem teaching art, I have followed a path to creative freedom. I now tattoo 3-4 days a week in New Glarus, WI at Art & Soul Tattoo and Gallery as a first year tattoo apprentice, sell art on-line and at select shows and markets, and share ways to use creativity and art to build a better life. I want to add freedom and fun back to your life, and hope you will join me on this path!

Now for a little fun, 5 things about me that may (or may not surprise you)…

  1. I had a zombie themed wedding (before the Walking Dead)
  2. I have coached cheerleading, basketball, track, and soccer (Cheer Moms be CRAZY!!!)
  3. I hate shoes. If I could wear flip flops every single day, I would.
  4. I do however, have two closets full of clothes (one could be dedicated to scarves and head-wraps, my staple)
  5. I am currently training for the Yosemite 1/2 Marathon- the 6th 1/2 Marathon I will have completed!


Wishing you a day full of Good Vibes, and a little Mess 🙂








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