Hey Ya’ll! Who’s Ready for a fun Acrylic and Mixed Media Painting Tutorial from Drank the Paint! Enjoy this one FREE!!! Simply click below and get Painting!


Learn to paint using acrylic paint, a cheery and bright “Home Sweet Home” Painting in a PFD format. 5 pages mixed with clear step-by-step instructions and beautiful photos! Follow along as this seasoned (7 years and counting) art instructor takes you through one of her Paint Party Lessons right in your own home.
The base of this painting is all Acrylic Paint- however you can add fun finishing touches like buttons and glitter to really make it come to life. The artist leads you through 36 easy-to-follow instructions and clearly explains each step including the optional extras.

A Materials list is located on the front page of your download in a bright blue box. This will help you to easily locate supplies needed.

Feel Free to use this lesson as many times as you would like. However, this lesson is for personal use only. You cannot sell this lesson, make copies for others, or teach this lesson. If you would like to use this lesson to host a painting party, to share in a school setting, or for another use- please contact the artist to purchase a discounted creative licence to do so.

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Author: Beth Speer

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