Every Single Year around this time my boy start talking Birthday. Granted, the closest one is two months away, and the others are not until August, but something about the warm weather seems to get them thinking about what kind of party they will want. In a way, I blame myself. We have had some pretty amazing parties, and when your Mom plans parties for a living, you get to try out some pretty cool new things. But, lets be honest, prepping for a birthday party can be exhausting! The first few sentences of this Better Homes and Garen’s Article explain it pretty well…

“Prepping for a birthday party? Don’t panic. This schedule will help you get everything ready ahead of time, so you can enjoy the day of the birthday party with friends and family.”

Kids Paint Parties With Drank the Paint Now, we have had a Lego Party complete with a build your own station and life size bricks, a “Toga” party combining my youngest’s love of Elf on the Shelf and traditional Toga (I’ll do a post on this fun mash up later) and even a Bike Parade where guests brought their own floats. And the truth is the challenge of topping the last years party is part of the fun. This year, my oldest kids have insisted on a PAINT PARTY! They haven’t chosen a theme, we have bounced between Minecraft, Lego, and Zombies- and I’m even thinking of trying out my newest idea of a “Paint Fight” with all their little 8 year old friends- but the truth is, no matter what we choose, the best moments are always when I get to step back, even for just a second, and enjoy the smiles on my kids faces.

The Better Homes and Garden’s article  goes through the 6-8 WEEKS of planning needed to be able to enjoy the day. Yes. If you work on your kids party for 6-8 weeks, you can have 2-3 hours of fun with your kids. (Anyone else find this panic inducing?) Honestly, this is why I started doing Paint Parties for Kids. I LOVE to one-up myself, give the kids an experience they will always remember, and enjoy helping kids make great art. But, the real reason Drank the Paint Kids Parties are so successful, is that it gives the PARENTS back the time they want to enjoy the looks on their kids faces when they finish an amazing painting. It saves them 6-8 WEEKS of stress, and 2-3 hours of suddenly being in charge of 10-20 little ones. Getting to enjoy a party with your kids is PRICELESS!


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