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After a long winter, the warm weather is bringing my neighbours and I out of hibernation, and back to “walking” our kids. The parade of wagons and strollers up and down our street, to and from the parks, is evidence enough that Spring certainly is right around the corner. We have a funny little Mom’s club in our neighbourhood. We exchange hellos, chat while the kids play, and slowly get to know each other over the summer months. We bond over how our two year olds insist on “mowing the sidewalks” with cute little bubble mowers, and how our 8 year olds have to walk more than ride their bikes up the hills making walks drag on forever. We know bits and pieces about each other’s lives- mostly what each other do for a living, which kid is allergic to peanuts, and how many sleepless nights in a row have been suffered through that week. But, when the time changes and coldness takes over, we retreat to our homes, huddled up for the winter and the Mom’s Club is lost until Spring.

There is one Mom with a child the same age as my youngest that I often stop and chat with. Her son is shy, mine doesn’t mind and talks his ear off anyway. Last summer her belly was swollen and her little guy and mine mowed the side walks happily. She now has a stroller and new baby. We ran into each other yesterday, and went through the same old pleasantries- How are the kids? Is the new baby sleeping at night? What is new? How is work?

“How is Work?” I used to have so much to say about work. I could talk your ear off about the good, bad, and ugly of Charter School. Tell some funny stories about my students and administration. But, the last year I taught Art, I was miserable. At a new school in a new district, with promise and good intentions- my enthusiastic gusto quickly turned this as this new adventure revealed itself to be a torturous hell. I was paying for supplies out of my own pocket, writing lesson plans and revisions all hours of the night, under appreciated, overworked, and ready to jump off a figurative bridge. I was forced to teach writing and reading, and hardly any art, so  after 7 wonderful years, I walked away.

The day I quit, midyear, mid-nervous breakdown, I heard a quote that suck with me,

“If it doesn’t light you up, you are not the right person for the job.”

Find Your LightMy light was dim. I had no clue what was really next, but I knew it would be better. I wanted to enjoy my life, my kids, and my creativity. I took the best leap of faith, and am slowly building back up myself as an artist. I am growing everyday with an amazing Tattoo Apprenticeship, and often sell enough art a month to pay my mortgage. I found the courage to discover what lights me up, and I have to tell you, it’s paradise!

So, when that Mom asked, “how is work?” I told her all about my new adventure, my passion, and the time I get to spend with my family again, she mentioned she too wants a job with flexibility, that fuels her passion, and works for her, she just doesn’t know what that would be.  And I wonder, how many of us are living to work instead of working to live every single day. It’s hard to live your passion if you don’t even know what you are passionate about!

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