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I know you have been following the Instagram announcement that they would be replacing the current chronological feed with an algorithm that would order the posts based on your interests and relationships. So, they will tell you what you want to see, kind of like what has happened on Facebook. So many people are upset about this change that the “Keep Instagram Chronological” petition received over 100,000 signatures, but despite the efforts, Instagram is changing tomorrow.

Am I worried? I believe that Instagram is moving in a direction of a Facebook-like feed (which is a total pay to play model). My Facebook posts are shown to only about 2-3% on average of my page’s followers. Instagram, has been my go to place for real time engagement with my followers and fans, and although I am hoping that this new change is a great thing for Drank the Paint, the only thing I know for sure is things will continue to change. The only thing I can really control is the quality of Art and Posts that I bring to you each day.

So, for Small Businesses and artists like me, this means stepping up my IG game, and bringing you content that keeps you coming back for more. (This is what I try to do already, but now even MORE weight is connected to how you interact with posts from Drank the Paint on IG.) How can you make sure to see all the behind the scenes footage and finished art and tattoos? EASY!!!

  1. Make sure you are following @drankthepaint on Instagram

  2. Simply click the … in the upper right hand corner and click “TURN ON POST NOTIFICATIONS”

  3. Enjoy, double tap, comment and like- I simply love feedback 🙂

Thanks for being so #Instaawesome and continuing to be #mytribe



Author: Beth Speer

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