8x10 InchColored Pencil Drawing on PaperArtist, Beth Speer works from her home studio in Rockford, IL. She is an artist that enjoys working in a variety of mediums including colored pencil and acrylic paint. As a published Children’s book author and muralist, Beth has carved a name for herself throughout, IL and her art lives in over 500 private collections and homes throughout the United States and Canada. When she’s not creating these whimsical creations for your home or office you can find her in New Glarus,

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Messy Abstract Fun for Summer Days

Kids love mess, parents love cheap and easy. These three Abstract Art Activities are tried and true projects that keep kids busy for hours. For $20 or less your kids will beg you to do these again and again, and with Drank the Paint’s easy clean up method, you will let them!

Messy Abstract Fun for Summer Days (1)
Confession of an (1)

This is one of thoses classic projects that has been around forever. I have done it in each of my classrooms from Pre-K –

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Your Tribe

What is a Tribe and how to I find them? I struggled for so long to figure it out. I’m totally an Artsy Lone Wolf, I like creating in private, locked away in my studio with just “The Office” and Michael Scott to keep me company while I make beautiful things. Marketing was not my strong point, and I can be sort of awkward in person, so in making sales I rested a whole lot of faith that my Art would sell it’self,

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Adulting is hard. Like really, really hard. Could a creative boost be what you need to get healthier, happier, and reduce stress?  When I first heard about the new adult coloring book trend, the only one that spoke to me was this one by Sasha O’Hara that is entitled “Calm the F*** Down“. Life is stressful enough without finding time to be creative. Not to mention the mess,

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Hey Ya’ll! 

I know you have been following the Instagram announcement that they would be replacing the current chronological feed with an algorithm that would order the posts based on your interests and relationships. So, they will tell you what you want to see, kind of like what has happened on Facebook. So many people are upset about this change that the “Keep Instagram Chronological” petition received over 100,000 signatures, but despite the efforts, 

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Taco Blanket Tutorial

Traditional Fleece Tie Blankets just got a whole new yummy makeover! These Taco blankets are fun, festive, and your kids will beg you for MORE! You can download the tutorial and print Make Your Own, or follow along below. Please don’t forget to share your creations with us on Instagram @drankthepaint


For a complete DIY Kit, purchase HERE

Completed Taco Blankets can be purchased HERE


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Are YOU ready to discover your passion? Find the courage to live creatively every day with Drank the Paint     

After a long winter, the warm weather is bringing my neighbours and I out of hibernation, and back to “walking” our kids. The parade of wagons and strollers up and down our street, to and from the parks, is evidence enough that Spring certainly is right around the corner. We have a funny little Mom’s club in our neighbourhood.

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Every Single Year around this time my boy start talking Birthday. Granted, the closest one is two months away, and the others are not until August, but something about the warm weather seems to get them thinking about what kind of party they will want. In a way, I blame myself. We have had some pretty amazing parties, and when your Mom plans parties for a living, you get to try out some pretty cool new things.

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Hey Ya’ll! Who’s Ready for a fun Acrylic and Mixed Media Painting Tutorial from Drank the Paint! Enjoy this one FREE!!! Simply click below and get Painting!


Learn to paint using acrylic paint, a cheery and bright “Home Sweet Home” Painting in a PFD format. 5 pages mixed with clear step-by-step instructions and beautiful photos! Follow along as this seasoned (7 years and counting) art instructor takes you through one of her Paint Party Lessons right in your own home.

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A little story about my 8 year olds WORST DAY EVER and how to Rock YOURS:

A few weeks ago I picked up my eight year old twins from school and one of the twins who usually bounces on over to the car, dragged his feet, got in slowly and slammed the door exclaiming “This was the WORST day of my life!”.  As a mom, my heart kind of broke,

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